Leadership propels success

Badminton varsity team captains help teammates persevere through challenges

This past season, the varsity badminton team placed at the top of the league, with members performing extremely well in their games, varsity badminton captain, girls singles one Jenny Lyu said.

Leadership played a key role in the varsity badminton season, varsity badminton captain, girls singles one Jenny Lyu said. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Lyu)

Lyu, a sophomore, said much of the team’s success was due to their encouraging dynamics, which they built throughout the season.

“We’re really supportive [of each other],” Lyu said. “We always cheer for each other when it’s our time to play and overall, we work really well together as a team.”

Similarly, varsity badminton captain, boys singles one Pranav Rao said the team dynamic improved throughout the season. 

“We all knew each other pretty well and we’re all close friends,” Rao, a sophomore, said. “In terms of team bonding, I’d say from the beginning of the season to now, [it has gotten better through shared experiences].”

Varsity badminton team member, sophomore Riya Zingade also said the special dynamic extended beyond their current teams, with the relationship between JV and varsity strengthening throughout the season.

Rao said the team’s success was also due to the consistency of skill levels among its players.

While it seems like the season was full of successes, the team also experienced several challenges they had to overcome. Lyu said the team lacked a coach for a couple of practices due to complications. 

However, despite the difficulties, the team stayed disciplined and was able to persevere with the captains stepping up to coach JV and varsity after practices, Lyu said.

“When players considered my advice on how to play better and then they [performed] better, it gives me a sense of achievement,” Lyu said.

Rao said he also thought being a team captain was a rewarding experience.

“The experience of being a leader this season will [not only] help me next year for badminton, but also in my day-to-day life,” Rao said. “It gives me good leadership experience and also helps me bond with the team better.”

Under the leadership of the team captains, Zingade said she has thrived during the season as a player. 

“Without the leadership from my teammates, we wouldn’t be as close,” Zingade said. “Leadership from my friends didn’t make things awkward, [but instead] created a closer friendship and better team.”