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‘The Eras Tour’ creates a ‘Gold Rush’

Taylor Swift’s concert makes huge economic impact

Whether you are a Taylor Swift superfan like me or a longtime hater of the singer, there is no doubt that her “Eras Tour” has made a shocking impact on the United States this year. Holding the record for the highest-grossing tour in history, according to Fortune, Swift has created something monumental through her heartfelt lyrics and impact on the modern economy.

Taylor Swift’s tour buses traveled through 17 states while she performed 53 shows, positively affecting the revenue in each city she visited. (Illustration by Danielle Feldsher)

As I watched clips online, I was stunned to discover that the show reached a whopping 44 songs with intense choreography, costume changes and stunning visuals. The setlist takes viewers through the 10 eras of Swift’s career, featuring country hits like “You Belong With Me” to melancholic songs from her ninth studio album “evermore,” according to American Songwriter

By visiting different cities for multiple days, Swift was able to secure an average of $1,300 from outside spending per person, according to Times. The tour is set to produce $2.2 billion in revenue and broke the record for the most-attended female artist’s concert. Swift continued to break records on the website Ticketmaster, where she managed to sell 2 million tickets – more in a single day than any other artist, according to Newsweek.

The timing of the “Eras Tour” came to Swift’s aid as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many fans lacked a social setting. Now, Swifties are itching to get back into the bustling environment of a concert experience. 

When I could not get tickets, I knew I was missing out on the best concert of my life. I was specifically drawn to her insane setlist that featured some of my favorite songs of all time, like “betty” and “Long Live.” The crowd looked dedicated and incredibly enthusiastic, even trading friendship bracelets with complete strangers. 

I had never witnessed any concert experience like this before, where fans created an atmosphere of love and friendship, and I was devastated to miss it. Watching videos of fans getting ready and meeting other Swifties made me feel incredibly grateful for the community Swift built, and proved to me just how impactful music can be.

Swift’s latest album, ”Midnights,” premiered only a week before the “Eras Tour” announcement, making her fans eager to watch her perform new songs live for the first time. While I did not find “Midnights” to be my favorite album, the three-hour length allowed Swift to perform songs from every genre and gave me the opportunity to resonate with her performance, even from behind a screen. 

Her performance was intensely nostalgic for me, bringing back memories of racing to stores to buy her newest album on CD. It felt like a full circle moment seeing her perform songs from the year I was born and then moving on to the songs that truly shaped who I am today. This same feeling spread across the fandom and contributed to the tour’s success.

No matter the generation, Swift created a tour that anyone could love, and in turn heavily impacted the U.S. economy. As I watched her perform “You Belong With Me” on a glitchy livestream, the song that introduced me to a nine-year-long obsession, I knew that “The Eras Tour” would serve as a pop culture monument for years to come.

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