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Indie rock band wave to earth makes me feel all four seasons at once

As I hit play, the melodies of electric guitar flow through my earbuds and my sense of time rewinds, transporting me back to familiar memories. This nostalgic guitar feature begins a song titled “love.” by wave to earth, a rising three-member South Korean indie rock band that has recently garnered international attention. 

Whether their songs are in Korean or English, South Korean indie rock band wave to earth brings me back to my best or worst memories. (Illustration by Mackie Vu)

I discovered the band last March through their most popular song “seasons” on my YouTube recommendation page, and since then, my Spotify playlists have had a unique touch to them. 

Although I am slightly disappointed that I was not the only fan of wave to earth, it makes sense that this track rose its way into the spotlight. The song’s slow melody makes a lasting mark on my heart, with lyrics distinguishing themselves from the fictionalized romance often told in other pop songs. Lead singer Daniel Kim laments about someone he is in love with but unable to be with because he is afraid he will ruin their life, portraying a much more realistic heartbreak story than those in many songs.

My playlists tend to consist of many languages, especially Korean, which I do not understand because I tend to focus on the feel of the music instead of the lyrics’ meaning. However, unlike many artists I typically listen to, wave to earth also frequently sings in English, forcing me to take a closer look at their lyrics and understand their meaning. Their music taught me that songs can be a source of healing, not only from the immersement of instrumentals and vocals but also from the meanings you can find within their lyrics.

For example, “homesick,” a B-side song from their most recent album, “0.1 flaws and all,” achieved the popularity it did because of its message. Although the song talks about Kim’s specific feeling of being lost and alone in an unfamiliar place, many listeners can find different interpretations. I noticed that almost every TikTok I came across under “homesick” was full of relatable experiences in which people could find similarities.

Another track that captivated me was “love.” From “0.1 flaws and all.,” the song is a perfect example of music that you can fully enjoy without knowing its meaning. My favorite part of “love.” is the guitar feature that plays in different parts of the song, like,right after the bridge build-up when the guitar feature plays for the last time and feels particularly impactful. Whether I want to cry my eyes out or think back to one of my happiest memories, I can count on this song.

Unlike the tone of their other songs, their title track, “bad,” from “0.1 flaws and all.” proves that wave to earth can also create upbeat songs. This joyful tune is known for a viral social media trend of compiling random videos into a short montage. Seeing these videos inspired me to create something similar and allowed me to view a favorable memory. 

If you enjoy videography or editing, I suggest joining the trend to make a physical memory you can effortlessly return to. If not, I still encourage you to search for any song in wave to earth’s discography and hit play. Not only will the sounds of the song be set in motion, but also those memories of yours that are waiting to be revisited.

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Mackie Vu, Design Editor
Reaching the supposed hardest year of high school, Mackie is pumped for his second year with The Epitaph. Apart from working in the exhilarating class as a design editor, you can find the junior spending time with his friends when he can and in the fall, stressing over his messy schedule when he partakes in the HHS marching band. Mackie will attempt to take the design of the newspaper to new limits while having a matcha latte in hand. 

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