Homecoming 2016 kicks off

Seniors win first place in the first brunch cheer-off of Homecoming Week


Photo by Mark Lu

Senior ASB Officer Bilal Qureshi leads the cheer-off on Monday morning.

By Mark Lu

Homecoming week kicked off Monday morning with an explosive brunch cheer-off in the quad, led by senior ASB officer Bilal Qureshi. Seniors won first place, juniors second, sophomores third and freshmen fourth.

For many freshmen, this was their first time experiencing school spirit during high school.

“[The cheer-off] didn’t last as long as I thought it would,” freshman Krista Colen said.

For upperclassmen, this cheer-off was a chance to show off class spirit.

“I think we did great,” senior Linus Lee said. “[Seniors have] been waiting four years for this moment.”

The juniors won second place, closely rivaling the seniors.

“We’re not as good as the seniors. We’re getting there, though, trying to improve our game,” junior Oliver Fleming said.

Monday’s dress-up theme was “Party in the USA.” Students came to school wearing variations of red, white and blue.