Juniors shine in third day of Homecoming Week

Seniors beaten at the brunch cheer-off but prevail in lunchtime activities


The Classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019 compete in the second round of the lunchtime activities in the quad.

By Mark Lu

Today’s Homecoming Week activities featured another brunch cheer-off and several food-themed activities at lunch.

After a disappointing loss on Tuesday, the juniors mobilized and walked away with first place in the brunch cheer-off this morning.

“We did amazing, we were all in it together, we had so much union,” junior Oviya Adhan said. The Class of 2018 came back to dominate in the lunchtime activities as well.

“Frankly, I thought [the juniors] were much louder and they had more people. We let them win this one, we’ll win tomorrow and we’ll win all of Homecoming, that’s for sure,” senior class social manager Steve Regala said.

The lunchtime activities consisted of a donut-on-a-string contest, in which seniors placed first, juniors second, sophomores third and freshmen fourth.

In the following game, participants tried to separate several M&Ms from a bowl of Skittles. The Class of 2018 won first place, but it was unclear who came second. Thus, no class was eliminated and all participants proceeded to the final contest.

The last lunchtime activity consisted of several gummy bears being hidden within a bowl of whipped cream. Without using their hands, contestants attempted to take them out.

The seniors emerged victorious, juniors second and sophomores third.

“It’s all about strategy… I moved the whipped cream with my face before going for the gummy bears so I could find them easier,” senior Yannah Melle said.

One of the general changes to Homecoming this year was lunchtime activities not being counted toward points for respective classes.

“Even though they aren’t worth points, [lunchtime] activities are good to build school spirit,” senior class secretary Tate Besser said.

Those who were watching also enjoyed the activities.

“[The games are] really fun to watch because they’re entertaining, but I really enjoy the music in the quad and it’s really fun to hear all the students cheering for their classes,” senior Sachi Shirali said.

Currently, the seniors are in first place, the juniors are in second, the freshmen in third and the sophomores in fourth.