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Everything you’ll need to know about financial aid and FAFSA


Photo courtesy of FAFSA.

By Daniel Chung

Available since Oct. 1,students can now apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is financial aid from the federal government.
The program has been available to students for many years The program is for students who are currently United States citizens and those who aren’t can be eligible for a Cal grant.
People can apply for federal loans, pay off debt after they finish school and can allow certain students apply for jobs while attending school.
As of now, all students can apply for the FAFSA program and need at least a 2.0 GPA.
To apply for this program, students must first need a FSA ID number, which is essentially your signature, and can be found on You’ll need 48 hours for the application to process.
Most students who are dependent will need a parent to also apply for a FSA ID number. If you are not sure about your dependency status, you can check the FAFSA website
As of now, there is no official deadline and the only real deadline is the Cal grant financial aid, which is due no later than March 2 and need to submit an application.
It is recommended to apply earlier for those applying for Cal grant because it is first come, first serve, according to Mary Lund.
Workshops were available to those who needed help applying and was able to receive it from workers from specific colleges. Most of these workshops will be held at high schools and are available in multiple schools across the Bay Area.
For more help and information, see Ms. Lund in the College and Career Center in the A building.