The Last Word

Ask The Epitaph!

I have a teacher that always puts down their students. They constantly tell me that my personal opinions are wrong and invalid . Do I approach them…or just wait it out?

Just wait it out. There’s only one more month of school, so you will be out of that teacher’s class soon enough. If the teacher is being mean to an inappropriate extent, it would be advised to report the issue.

I cannot seem to focus doing homework because of pressure piling up! How do I deal with difficult problems easily? -Diss Tressed  

Dear Diss Tressed, there is no way to deal with a difficult problem easily, but there are things you could do to reduce your stress.  If you have any late work try talking to your teaches about how you feel and they may be more compassionate than you think.  Try finishing homework before hanging out with friends or doing something you like to give you more incentive.

I want to be asked out to dances. I know that there is something going on between me and a guy, like a spark or something. But he doesn’t make a move, and I don’t know how to approach this. I’m too nervous to ask him out myself. What if he doesn’t like me? He just ignores me and this scares me. Do I just get over this guy, or should I just ask him out? Boys are so confusing  -Bio girl

Dear Bio girl, boys may be slow to take hints or can be just as scared to ask girls out.  You could try bringing up the dance to him and see what he thinks about going.  If he still doesn’t seem to take the hint you could try asking his friends if he would want to go and ask them to tell him you were interested in him asking you. Again the easiest option would be to build up courage to ask him yourself.

How do you decide what subjects to write articles about, and are there ways for those not in The Epitaph to contribute articles or ideas?

When we write articles, the subject focus is Homestead events and stories which remains relevant to students on our own campus. If you would like to share your opinions or artwork, submit a Letter to the Editor to [email protected].

Do you believe in life after love? -Cher

Dear Cher, I can feel something inside me say I really don’t think you’re strong enough.

How do you join the Epitaph? -Fitzgerald

Dear Fitzgerald, the Epitaph is made by the journalism class. During course selection, you can select journalism as your elective to join.

I’ve been trying to get into magic (not sorcery or wizardry) just simple card tricks. Do you have any advice on where to begin?

You could buy some simple magic trick sets online and look up instructional videos on youtube.  Good luck blowing the minds of your friends!