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Homestead’s aspiring athletes

Meet the ambitious athletes of HHS planning to make it big

By Renee Wang, Reporter

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When we hear about famous athletes, we hear about their stunning athletic ability and the gold, silver and bronze that dangle around their necks. But, what we do not hear is what shaped them to be the athletes they are today, and the challenges that have shaped their journeys.

HHS boasts many notable alumni in the athletic field including Linda Jezek, a silver medalist in swimming for the U.S. team, and Scott Erickson, a pitcher in the MLB. It would not be a surprise if the next big athletic star is a budding student on their way to the big leagues..

Perhaps it’s your chemistry partner or that person you pass by in the halls. Maybe it could be your best friend. Either way, here are a few talented athletes with ambitious aspirations.

Murillo has been playing football since he was six, while Michelotti started much later as a freshman but notes that he picked it up quickly. Both cite injuries, particularly concussions as major deterrents. Michelotti shares his experience of injuring his knee and breaking his leg freshman year, stating that it put a toll and really harmed his motivation. Murillo confirms this, adding that with an injury, “you are not a 100 percent anymore.” The camaraderie between freshman Gilbert Murillo and sophomore Nate Michelotti is apparent as the JV football players opt for their photo with matching football sweatshirts. Both boys hope to get a scholarship for football. Murillo also aspires to earn a scholarship from a “big name” school. Michelotti said getting a scholarship is “one in a million” but hopes he and his teammate will make it if they keep working on academics and athletics.

Good luck to all the athletes!

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Renee is a sophomore and this is her first year reporting for the Epitaph. She has lived in Singapore for seven years and considers it her home. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf and volunteering. Renee has been volunteering since middle school for an animal rescue. Renee enjoys biking, but gets lost more...
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