BAYCO Resume Building Workshop provides support

Students district-wide gain insight on how to improve their resumes


Photo by Brandon Welty

Students came from across the district to learn how to write better resumes

By Brandon Welty

Students came from across the district to learn how to write better resumes


Photo by Brandon Welty
Students who attended the workshop were provided with informational pamphlets and packets to help them with their resume building

he BAYCO (Bay Area Youth Career Opportunities) Resume Building Workshop took place on October 14 at FHS. Students from all five schools in the FUHSD district were invited to attend to learn more about resume-building from professionals from Fenwick & West, LinkedIn and Stanford University.

According to their website, BAYCO is “a student-run organization that strives to propel career-related success for high schoolers in the Bay Area through educational workshops, professional development, and networking opportunities.”

“We did this workshop because we felt that it’s very important for high schoolers to be able to develop their resumes. There are so many job opportunities and internships that they can get, and we want to make sure they learn how to perfect them, so they can make a great first impression,” Rithika Srinivasan, the Program Director at BAYCO, said.

Srinivasan joined BAYCO when she met Sanusi Tandun, the founder of BAYCO, during a resume workshop at an FBLA meeting and got inspired by his idea for an organization dedicated to helping high schoolers.

“BAYCO is an organization that has a really new concept that I don’t think many people at high schools or even businesses have thought of. It’s connecting businesses around the area to high schoolers and giving these opportunities to high school students,” sophomore Sonia Parikh, the Social Media and Marketing Director Intern at BAYCO, said.

Parikh came on as one of the student officers because she was motivated by the vision of BAYCO.

“It’s important for students to understand what skills and qualities would be beneficial for them to have so they can succeed in whatever they do post-high school, whether it be a job or internship or volunteer work. We’re providing them opportunities that would help them gain that understanding,” senior Anam Siddiquee, the Social Media and Marketing Director at BAYCO, said.

Siddiquee was inspired by the new organization’s aspirations and wanted to join the team of students from around the district, she said.

Senior Roxanna Sharifi came to the resume building workshop after hearing about the workshop through an email she received from the College and Career Center.

“[I want to] learn how to structure my resume better and learn about what I should include in respective sections to best exemplify myself for job positions or if I do any competitions in the future,” Sharifi said.