Indopak tryouts for prospective dancers make modifications

Changing requirements, increased workshops give students better opportunities to participate

By Claire Torii

The Indian dance team and club, Indopak, has recently amended the try-out process to ensure better time commitments from members, as well as promote inclusivity according to club Officer and sophomore Saniya Kotwal.

The first change to the try-out process was requiring those who tried out to sign contracts.


“We implemented the contract to ensure that each member knew that they had to come to practices, and on-time,” Kotwal said.

Despite remarks by members who tried out, Co-President and senior Nikhil Kulkarni said he stands by a consistent try-out process.

“As far as the criteria for trying out, it’s always been the same,” Kulkarni said. “It depends on them and the type of team they’re trying to form.”

Senior member Jehan Bhandari said that he witnessed equal demographics this year in the teams.

“I feel like there was no specific group of people that were overrepresented in either, of course, it depends on who tries out,” Bhandari said. “And of course, the seniors are going to be friends with a lot of people just cause they’re more comfortable around the rest of the school.”

Promoting variety and inclusivity is also being established by new events for members who did not make the dance teams according to Kulkarni.

“We have events like Diwali festivals and we teach about culture and stuff like that [at general meetings],” Kulkarni said.

Members still expressed that they had primarily tried out simply to enjoy themselves while learning about a new culture, and they recommend prospective members to do the same.

“Honestly just go for it, do the workshops and just see if it’s for you,” Bhandari said.“Really do your best to be open to everything they are saying [the officers], don’t go to make the team, go to have fun.”