MUN East Bay Conference provides perspective

By Shruti Magesh

Model UN’s East Bay Conference, which took place from Dec 1-2, provides a plethora of opportunity to learn about various topics, for members of the club.

The conference itself, discussed various topics related to the United Nations.

“There a few committees which each talk about a different topic, and delegates from each school are split up into those committees,” sophomore Shaqed Orr, Public Relations Officer of MUN, said.

Different branches of the UN are addressed by each committee, such as the security council or the humanitarian branch. Conversely, there are also crisis committees which explore the hypothetical occurences of the respective topics, taking a more functional approach in addressing the awaiting issues, according to Orr.

Success, in MUN, is learning and gaining exposure to the environment of conferences.

“Model UN is different from other clubs, in that it’s not awards focused…by just participating- delegates are very successful and gain much perspective on issues they are discussing ,” said Orr.

Attending conferences is beneficial to members, as they can gain insight on various issues and have lots of opportunities to learn about a wide range of topics- giving them a broader view of the world, according to Orr.

In future conferences, MUN hopes to support members better, and provide more emphasis on  preparation for the conference. Some strong suits that MUN would like to continue is their success in speech and position.

“Homestead in general does well in speaking…A lot of Homestead delegates speak very clearly and with a clear message..we come across as very prepared,” Orr said.