Science Olympiad strategies to success

Communication, organization are key to success

By Shruti Magesh

Science olympiad has a variety of factors that contributed to their success in competitions. Some of these factors included organization and effective organization strategies.

Photo by Shruti Magesh
Science olympiad competitions cover a wide variety of events, making collaboration important to success.

Science olympiad encompasses a lot of group work, so communication is an important aspect to achieving success during competitions.

“The thing about science olympiad is that it’s not just individual studying,” Mishra said, “it’s a lot of team work that people don’t realize at first because [communication is] not just with your team, you have to communicate with your partners before, during, and after the competition all the time.”

Members in the club participate in a variety of of events, that include many branches of science. As a result, in order to be successful in competitions, members need to be able to effectively communicate with their respective partners and team members, senior Anisha Chandra, co president of science olympiad, said.

“One thing that’s helped science olympiad in the past is the clear communication between partners and the team lead officers, it’s really not about who knows the most about one particular subject,” Chandra said. “You have to compete in 3 or 4 events so it’s more of a competition of who can collaborate the best with their partners at the competition at a wide variety of events.”

Remaining organized also play an important role in managing the team members and ensuring there is no confusion, sophomore Kiara Ning, team manager for science olympiad, said.

“Another contribution that helped us was organization like I know this year the presidents sent a lot of emails with that members will have guidance, so I think that really helped in terms of leading them to their success,” Ning said.

As for next year, science olympiad hopes to continue implementing good communication, and encouraging better collaboration.

“This year we did improve our communication between the entire club.. Next year definitely we will try to improve it even more and encourage more collaboration and preparation in advance so that everyone is on the same page and everyone wants to get the same goal,” Mishra said.