Tennis creates everlasting bonds

Girls varsity tennis recognize seniors during senior night


Photo by Brinda Pandi (courtesy of)

Flowers, laughs and tears: players celebrate their extensive history with the seniors.

By Anika Karody

Following their match on October 24, the girl’s varsity tennis team held their senior night, where they recognized the seniors on the team, ate dinner together and reminisced about fond memories

“[The seniors are] awesome. They’re really sweet and really caring, and are so nice to us,” junior Veda Goskonda said. “They support us in all of our matches and are great people overall. They’ve become really good friends of mine.”

You go through all these emotions with them. If someone had a bad day, the girls are there for you. If someone had a good day, they’re there to share it with you.”

— Senior Brinda Pandi

Goskonda said she will be a senior next year and must step into the shoes of this year’s seniors, who have been mentors and good friends to the other players on the team.

“I just want them to know that they’re really inspirational, kind people and that we’re gonna miss them so much when they go off to college,” Goskonda said. 

Goskonda said next year, she will need to support the younger players, just as the seniors did this year.

“I think I need to [embrace] more of a leadership role,” Goskonda said. “I need to be the one to support the younger ones … because I’m the older one now.”

Sophomore Mithi More said she has also been on the team for a year, and that she will also miss the seniors, as their jovial personalities cheered everyone up. 

“They made the season super fun. I’m definitely gonna miss them, especially Brinda,” More said. “She made the whole mood of practice and games fun, and they all have a nice presence that I’m definitely gonna miss next year.”

Brinda Pandi, a senior, joined the junior varsity team as a freshman and has been on varsity since her sophomore year.

Pandi said she doesn’t know how she would have made it through high school without the girls.

“We get each other through everything,” Pandi said. “We’ll see each other in the quad and …  we’ll wave … if we have classes together we’ll be even more excited.”

Pandi said the girls not only helped her, but have helped each other get through anything, be it happy or sad.

 “You go through all these emotions with them,” she said. “If someone had a bad day, the girls are there for you. If someone had a good day, they’re there to share it with you.”

Pandi said she advises the incoming seniors to cherish all the moments spent together, as time goes by rapidly.

“It’s been a rollercoaster,” Pandi said, “but a really good one.”