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Tashi creates animosity in Patrick and Art’s friendship, yet the specific physical acting choices allow the reader to see the underlying love the two still have for each other. (Photo from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

‘Challengers’ depicts love and tennis like never before

By Nicole Kim May 5, 2024

I have never been to a professional tennis match, but if I did, I can only imagine it would feel the same as watching Luca Guadagnino’s “Challengers.” From visually interesting camera angles to an...

Coach Jackie Lam said she hopes to bring enthusiasm and a genuine joy for tennis to the team.

New face behind the racket

By Anushruti Nagarajan and Nicole Pimenta Innecco October 14, 2023

As the courts come alive with the renewed energy of a new season, players gear up to welcome their new coach: Jackie Lam. With prior experience and a different perspective, she hopes to strengthen the...

Diede de Groot of the Netherlands beat Yui Kamiji of Japan in the womens singles final to extend her winning streak to 121 matches. (Photo from International Paralympic Committee)

A deserving championship win

By Helen Tam October 6, 2023

This year’s U.S. Open wheelchair tournament, held from Sept. 5-10, is a hardcourt tennis tournament known for its exceptional talent and sportsmanship, recently concluded with a profound display of skill...

Among tennis stars, team members said they look up to Nick Kyrgios, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. All three of these players, from Australia, Switzerland and Serbia respectively, have ranked within the top 20 best singles players in the world during their careers. (Photos from Forbes, The Day and Marca)

Stars on the court

By Erin Loh May 3, 2023

While sports stars are well known for shattering records and redefining boundaries, they can also serve as role models for the next generation of athletes. Many members of our varsity boys tennis team...

Gingembre (not pictured) said the powerful connection between teammates fosters a welcoming environment for playing.

Individual but united

Tennis is often seen as a no-contact sport with a small number of players on court, but the girls varsity tennis team understands the sport’s complexity, and the bond they share with the sport and each...

Varsity girls tennis CCS run ends in semifinals

By Raymond Ranbhise, Lindsey Steel, and Vihan Basnayake December 9, 2021

The girls varsity tennis season ended in a 6-1 loss against Menlo Atherton In the CCS semi finals on Nov. 11. The tennis team went 6-9 this season and 4-8 in league play. Despite a rough season, the team...

PREPARING FOR CCS: Faith Watters practices her form during a match, which she says needs some improvement.

Varsity girls tennis team keeps up momentum mid-season

By Leila Salam, Zeinab Rakhshandehroo, and Brevin Reed November 6, 2021

Varsity girls tennis is continuing to push through their season as they begin to look ahead to the upcoming Central Coast Section finals. While they are still currently in the middle of the season, the...

Sophomore Thien-Nhi battles against her Los Gatos opponent in CCS.

Girls tennis star Thien-Ni reflects on season

By Jackson Faria December 10, 2019

Sophomore Thien-Nhi Vu was one of multiple players on the varsity tennis team to qualify for CCS playoffs. As the only sophomore on varsity, she is a dominant singles player, and managed to lose only one...

Coach recalls journey through tennis

Coach recalls journey through tennis

By Elaine Huang October 30, 2019

JV girls and boys tennis Coach Edmond Kwong said he has been interested in tennis  since he was in high school, and has been able to continue his passion for the sport through an unexpected coaching position.  “I...

Team captains Brinda Pandi and Belinda Yan confer with coach Sundar Parthasarathy prior to their last home game against LHS.

Girls varsity tennis score an ace with new coach

By Karen Li October 30, 2019

When seniors Brinda Pandi and Belinda Yan met on the tennis court in seventh grade, they became friends mainly out of necessity. Their first names were similar and they were the only girls in the league,...

Flowers, laughs and tears: players celebrate their extensive history with the seniors.

Tennis creates everlasting bonds

By Anika Karody October 28, 2019

Following their match on October 24, the girl’s varsity tennis team held their senior night, where they recognized the seniors on the team, ate dinner together and reminisced about fond memories “[The...

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