The Epitaph

California senate passes Affirmative Action bill

Affirmative Action bill will be placed on Nov. 3 ballot.

By Naomi Baron

July 5, 2020

After 24 years of Affirmative Action being banned in California public colleges and universities, the University of California’s Board of Regents unanimously voted to repeal Proposition 209 — which banned schools from considering race, gender and ethnicity in college admissions — on June 15. The amendment w...

California colleges adjust admission prerequisites temporarily in light of pandemic

Colleges may rely heavily on an applicant’s extracurriculars and hobbies instead of academics, when selecting students to admit.

By Jane Park

April 25, 2020

All California universities and colleges — including UCs, state schools, community colleges and private colleges — have temporarily changed their previous grade- and test-based standards for admission due to COVID-19, according to EdSource.  Colleges are known for heavily basing their admissions on statistics, but many schools are planning to switch to test optiona...

Alumni help seniors with post high school decisions

Seniors are having to get creative in the ways that they learn about prospective universities, programs. Watching day in the life Youtube videos from current college students is one way to learn about a school.

By Leila Salam

April 21, 2020

Spurred by a request from the PTSA, alumni are reaching out to current seniors to provide information about their post high school experiences to alleviate the stress surrounding college decisions, as COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of all college orientation events and campus tours. May 1, the i...

Future plans, personal interests to be considered during course selection

By Bryan Ruiz

March 2, 2020

The online window for course selection opens today on Infinite Campus and closes on Tuesday, March 11, according to the HHS website. As students consider their course selection options and, in particular taking difficult classes, they should keep in mind their level of interest while making that dec...

Reducing college tuition with grants and scholarships

By Nika Bondar

October 30, 2019

Scholarships and grants can provide a significant cost deduction for college. To collect as many of them as possible, it is critical to understand the variety of opportunities for "free money" available to all students. One of the more popular ways of receiving a cost reduction is to apply for a state...