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A person who has not developed a personal sense of style can not encapsulate the idea of an eclectic grandpa.

Authentic style cannot be a trend

By Amanda Boles January 28, 2024

Fashion trends often take inspiration from past trends. Eclectic grandpa, one such trend from 2024 Pinterest's trend predictions, continues to make waves on the Internet. Characterized by custom...

Stop textile waste by finding new solutions to stay sustainable, such as upcycling.

From fashion to landfills

By Ella Chan April 21, 2023

Even as someone who spends most of my money on clothes, I often end up finding myself staring into my closet with nothing to wear. Little did I know, my shopping habits contribute to a major environmental...

Miss Sohees use of fabrics and color make her collection unique. (Photo from Vogue)

Fashion Police: Miss Sohee debuts stunning collection at Milan Fashion Week

By Amber Birrell April 21, 2023

Miss Sohee’s fashion week debut was nothing short of visionary. When Sohee Park, a London-based South Korean designer, released her first collection ever in 2020, she gained traction quickly and her...

Popularized by famous celebrities and influencers, Y2K trends promote harmful body standards.

Some trends should be left in the past

By Zeinab Rakhshandehroo February 13, 2023

Baby tees, low-rise jeans and micro skirts – all iconic and recognizable elements of 2000’s fashion, or, as it is commonly known, Y2K fashion. The Y2K trend has been making a comeback since the summer...

This dress is similar to an Indian bridal dress known as a lehenga, characterized for its use of colorful fabrics

Fashion is more than the runway

By Helen Tam January 9, 2023

Cultural fashion is about so much more than just clothes and appearances. It is a form of self-expression and a great place to start important conversations about heritage. The art of fashion is not...

Fall 2022 Fashion

Fall 2022 Fashion

By Amber Birrell September 24, 2022

PERFECT SUMMER ACCESSORIES: Shield sunglasses and tote bags are great additions to any summer outfit.

Fashion Police: Exploring summer accessories

By Amber Birrell May 25, 2022

By far my favorite part of summer fashion is the accessories. Whether it is a cute pair of sunglasses or dainty jewelry, these seasonal essentials can easily dress up or down any outfit. All over social...

A GLAMOROUS FACADE: The grand sets of haute couture shows adds to the upscale image of luxury fashion.

The romanticization of haute couture promotes harmful perceptions of fashion

By Zeinab Rakhshandehroo March 23, 2022

Luxury, glamor and extravagance are what come to mind when I think of high fashion, or, as it is more commonly known, haute couture. Haute couture refers to incredibly high-quality, hand-made clothing...

Lily Collins stars as Emily Cooper in the Netflix series Emily in Paris

‘Emily in Paris’ falls flat on its designer heels

By Christine Kim October 25, 2020

Netflix’s new series, “Emily in Paris,” premiered on Oct. 2 and was a hit, immediately making it onto the top ten list for the Internet TV network.  Full of charming clichés, the show was...

13-year-old tradition allows students to learn about various cultures, ethnicities through performances and booths.

Multicultural night showcases campus diversity

By Anika Karody February 25, 2020

Multicultural night showcases the diversity and cultures of students and staff through performances, cultural food and a fashion show. This year, the event was held in the cafeteria on Friday, Feb. 7 from...

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