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Historically small cross country team prepares for intense season

By Joss Broward and Niyatee Jain October 19, 2021

The cross country team meets every day to practice in order to put their best foot forward when competing in events this season. However, this year, the team runs together as their smallest group ever. Typically,...

Ms. Pittas Honors Literature and Writing class engages in a discussion about the Scarlet Letter.

Battle of the English classes

By Joss Broward and Leila Salam October 17, 2021

Freshman and sophomore year leave little room for schedule customization, but students are welcomed into their junior year with stress from their course loads and a new sense of freedom. During their third...

LSU creating a club of inclusivity

LSU creating a club of inclusivity

When you walk into the Latinx Student Union (LSU), you can always feel the positive energy around the room and see all the different students from different cultural backgrounds come together. Students...

Junior tutor Claire Oh helps junior tutee Aashish Dhungana with math homework.

Academic Center helps students learn and grow

By Joss Broward October 3, 2021

Quiet whispers fill the air as a group of dedicated tutors support their peers. A room of learning, improvement, and most importantly — empathy. Welcome to the Academic Center. For junior tutee Aashish...

Lifting school spirit through the annual Welcome Back rally

By Jack Xu, Mae Richardson, Christine Kim, and Yukari E. Zapata September 10, 2021

For the past year and a half,  school events have functioned in a limited capacity considering most large student-populated events have been online.  Therefore, the annual Welcome Back rally was purposefully...

Q&A: Next step for advisory

Q&A: Next step for advisory

By Christine Kim August 27, 2021

Click the image to check out Epitaph's Q&A: Next step for advisory

Process of finals adapts to hybrid learning

By Jack Xu June 3, 2021

As the school year draws to a close, finals are right around the corner. Finals will span over two weeks, from May 24 to June 3 due to the hybrid learning format. There will be adjustments to the schedule...

Freshmen on HHS sports

By Ariana Tejeda Moreno and Hope Saena May 29, 2021

With almost an entire year of virtual learning, freshmen have barely gotten a taste of the in-person high school experience. Sports allowed some freshmen to feel closer to HHS while others were expecting...

A different celebration during an unusual time

By Jack Xu May 10, 2021

Whenever people talk about the holiday season, the most common festivals referenced are celebrations such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but right around the corner, as another year goes by, Lunar New Year...

The bell game: The final score for this year’s bell game was, 34-10, Homestead.

The battle of the bell: a years-old rivalry between HHS and FHS

By Ashley Orozco and Xochitl Neely May 10, 2021

The battle of the bell is a well-known game between the Homestead and rival school Fremont. This match is one of the most important games of the season because the winning team gets to keep a bell, which...

Students from nearby school districts joining the competition in 2019 at Oddfellows Lounge.

Esports club: a community more than just video games

By Jack Xu May 10, 2021

Esports is a form of video game-based sports competition. Senior Justin Truong and juniors William Meng and Jay Paek created the esports club on campus to build a community for students with common interests. “Previously,...

The Epitaph’s guide to school reopening

By Allen Zhang April 17, 2021

Mustangs! If you’re going to school for hybrid learning, this guide is for you! The Epitaph has compiled all the steps you must take before the first day of class on Monday, April 19.    Learn...

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