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 Japanese National Honor Society collaborated with origami club to provide an origami booth during J-Night, JNHS president Cherish Wurts said.

JNHS hosts annual J-Night

By Malar Raguraman and Jonathan Xue April 5, 2024

The Japanese National Honor Society hosts J-Night March 29 to provide friends and families of Japanese class students a glimpse of what they are learning and how the club contributes to the school community,...

 Freshman Owen Chau said he believes the absence of a JV team is fair due to the skill required to play golf.

Varsity or bust

By Ella Chan, Jonathan Xue, and Annabelle Yip March 5, 2024

Boys golf, unlike other sports, only has a varsity team. Given the increasing interest in joining the golf team, many less experienced golf players were cut from the roster of 12, senior Wyatt Hook said. The...

Game design club primarily uses the C# coding language to make their games, vice president Dhruv Bhargava said.

Leveling up programming skills

By Brian Ling February 26, 2024

As the popularity of gaming persists, the game design club was formed to introduce students to the process of how games are made, president Rishabh Bhargava said. This skill can be turned into a career...

Having two separate biology clubs was redundant since their goals are so similar, vice president Kevin Chang said.

Building a bigger, better bio club

By Brian Ling February 2, 2024

Due to their similar subjects, biology olympiad has merged with biology club at the end of first semester, co-president Soham Nanawati said. Originally proposed by biology club, the two clubs eventually...

Freshman Reva Karri said she is excited to run for the freshmen class cabinet.

Starting the rough track

By Mackie Vu and Catherine Yang September 22, 2023

After graduating middle school, there comes a new set of high school freshmen every year. With that comes a new set of expectations, and many of them are not met, freshman Reva Karri said. Looking forward...

French National Honor Society president Sophie Park and club adviser Kelly Ronsheimer provide club information and explain action items.

Fostering fondness for French culture

By Jonathan Xue September 20, 2023

Crepes, cheeses, chocolates and croissants are all foods provided at the French club and French National Honor Society events, club president Sophie Park said. The clubs hope to improve the clubs this...

Members participate in a Blooket game surrounding the meeting’s content.

Securing the year

By Brian Ling September 19, 2023

In today’s technology-dependent society, cybercriminals are a threat to everyone. Because of this, cyber security club hopes to educate its members on how to stay safe online, while also teaching them...

New coach on the court

By Macy Li and Lindsey Steel April 29, 2023

  volleyball mm by Macy [/infographic]

Windian team practices for their upcoming performances during multicultural week and at Sapnay.

Windian team whirls back following year-long hiatus

By Brevin Reed and Rajiv Venkatesh April 21, 2023

Indopak’s senior team, also known as the Windian team, is making its return this year with an all-new group of choreographers and performers. The team plans to perform at brunch during multicultural...

Lin said she hopes to make the lion dance performance a yearly tradition for the club.

A roaring performance

By Brian Ling March 22, 2023

Loud drums boomed across the quad as members from the Taiwanese student association danced in two vibrant lion costumes, one white and another purple, in front of a large crowd of spectators. Lion dances...

Through playing against other top teams in the league, Wickham improves her ball control.

A new chapter in girls soccer

By Anushruti Nagarajan January 30, 2023

Being a first time varsity player can be intimidating, sophomore Carlie Breiner said, but Breiner, freshman Selene Bruyere and junior Annika Wickham know how to dribble through the obstacles of adapting...

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