The Epitaph

James Ratti: world traveler to landscape artist

With the help of a designer, his partner and good old fashioned hard work, English teacher James Ratti has turned a vision into reality.
November 10, 2020

James Ratti is a world literature and AVID teacher who has taught at HHS for 13 years and is passionate about the environment, social justice and traveling.  When the pandemic began, similar to many...

It’s time to start caring more about the homeless than ourselves

LOOKING BEYOND OURSELVES: It takes a global pandemic for us to start taking initiative and reexamine our empathy toward the homeless.
April 25, 2020

As the novel COVID-19 outbreak continues, the challenges homeless people face are becoming increasingly worse. Shelters are either full, closed or replete with the risk of coronavirus to even consider...

Transition into online classes increases communication, possible loss of educational experience

Both before and during the rapid developments of the pandemic, the school has prepared for online classes through technology assistance and cooperation with staff and students.
April 5, 2020

Ten days after a complete school shutdown was announced, classes sprang back to life online. During that 10-day period, the staff spent time preparing for the massive amount of resources the transition...

Spread of COVID-19 results in school closures, local state of emergency

Spread of COVID-19 results in school closures, local state of emergency
Santa Clara to provide services to seniors, essential services and utilities; while HHS to transition to close school, transition to online learning
March 21, 2020

Santa Clara County faces an increasing number of COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases each day, with a confirmed 196 cases and eight deaths as of March 19, according to Santa Clara County Public Health. To slow...

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