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COMMUNICATION AND TRUST: Main characters Nick and Charlie represent a healthy gay relationship.

‘Heartstopper’ paves the way for LGBTQ representation in media

By Nicole Pimenta Innecco and Aiko Charon June 3, 2022

Queer representation in media tends to be the bare minimum or focuses on negativity— from token gay characters who feel out of place to titles that emphasize sexuality over everything else, it is a mixed...

MS. KATHANI SHARMA: While Sharma’s identity is referenced throughout the show, “Bridgerton” made sure to make her defining characteristic her fiery personality.

“Bridgerton” beautifully tackles South Asian representation

By Niyatee Jain May 4, 2022

As the orchestral version of the titular song from the popular Bollywood film “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” plays in the background of Ms. Edwina Sharma’s haldi ceremony, it becomes abundantly clear...

Writing from experience: John Green’s friendship with terminal cancer patient Esther Earl (middle) helped him portray Hazel Grace in “The Fault in Our Stars” truthfully and compassionately.

Stepping into someone else’s shoes

By Erin Loh March 30, 2022

Writers are often told to “write what you know.” The phrase generally makes sense — one’s own experiences are naturally what they will be able to portray most accurately and complexly through writing.  However,...

REPRESENTATION IS VITAL: We need people who share the same backgrounds as we do to represent us as one collective community.

The Political Arena: Chasing dreams

By Macy Li November 4, 2021

As a young girl, I spent hours scrutinizing my features, which strayed far from the “American” standard of blonde hair and blue eyes. I had always noticed an apparent lack of representation in virtually...

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