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The Epitaph

Many students feel unprepared to take care of themselves after graduating due to a lack of real-world skills gained from school.

Ready or not?

By Ella Chan April 20, 2024

As students toss their graduation caps into the air, they embark on a new journey into adulthood. Yet for many, the excitement of this freedom is overtaken by the harsh reality of their lack of preparation. Despite...

District board candidate Linda Price says she will prioritize family values and transparency if elected.

Board of Trustees candidate Linda Price discusses political, district-level standpoints

By Joss Broward November 5, 2022

Linda Price, a candidate for the FUHSD Board of Trustees, said her primary goal is to make decisions in the best interest of the students. As a Board of Trustees member, Price said she would be able to...

STRESSFUL STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: Teenagers are faced with unrealistic standards when choosing a career path.

Career culture adds unnecessary stress

By Veronica Zhao October 29, 2022

Instead of enjoying their fleeting childhood, teens are now faced with an impending reality--choosing a career. According to Counseling Today, career choice is a significant stressor during the development...

MASKING THE WORLD: Lets educate students to continue to mask up,

New mask mandates provides students with freedom to make own choices

By Aiko Charon and Raymond Ranbhise March 21, 2022

FUHSD recently released a crucial announcement, stating masks would no longer be required on school grounds. In an email sent to families on March 1, the FUHSD said indoor masking requirements would be...

Physics class helps students build meaningful connections, explore vital concepts

By Olivia Shen March 14, 2022

During the springtime, all students excluding seniors undergo the process of course selection. Similar to my peers, when I was a freshman, I had the option of choosing my science class: physics or chemistry.  Like...

LEARNING SHOULD CONTINUE: Due to increased absences, teachers should upload lessons to Schoology while continuing teaching in class.

COVID absences must not disrupt lesson plans

By Naomi Baron January 25, 2022

Missing a day of school, or even simply a single class, can cause a student — especially in a fast-paced AP course — to fall drastically behind while their classmates continue on with the class’s...

Police called to school in response to threatening email

By Naomi Baron December 16, 2021

Police were called to campus Dec. 7, this time in response to a “non specific threat,” which dean Maria Trejo received in an anonymous email that morning.  Principal Greg Giglio said the email...

NIKKI AND FRIENDS: Nikki Liu and her friends pose in front of rally decorations.

Inside school and out: Nikki Liu talks leadership, ASB, and everything in between

By Harshitha Vijayakumar December 10, 2021

If an HHS student were to ask which fellow Mustang is in charge of helping the school run smoothly and working with the administration to make change happen, they would most certainly be pointed to the...

Top 10 ways to get an A+ on ur finals

By Raymond Ranbhise December 9, 2021

With every tick of the clock, the most miserable part of the year approaches. As finals come closer, here are the top 10 ways to do well on your finals so your grade doesn’t fall right below an A.  ...

 DEVELOPING NECESSARY SKILLS: Walch builds her communication skills by attending to an order over the phone, at the bakery she works at, Sugar Butter Flour.

Leading with Knowledge

By Harshitha Vijayakumar November 30, 2021

Many students would consider themselves to be overachievers in their academics. Still, there are a few students who seem to go above and beyond, juggling their studies and extracurriculars on top of a...



By Erin Loh November 24, 2021

Juggling schoolwork and ones social life is something students are trying to master.

Students regain confidence in their academic life

By Chloe Wong November 4, 2021

As the wave of tests and homeworks starts to steadily steam in, time management is a crucial building block to uphold the refuge that will withstand the trials of the year. With grades and class expectations...

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