Leading with Knowledge

Many students on campus take on a job outside of school, and they take the knowledge they have gained from previous life experiences to manage their lives with this job.

By Harshitha Vijayakumar

Many students would consider themselves to be overachievers in their academics. Still, there are a few students who seem to go above and beyond, juggling their studies and extracurriculars on top of a job. 

Students such as sophomore Sofia Walch who works as a cashier at a bakery originally wanted a job to have a sense of accomplishment and independence.  Similarly, sophomore Anika Iyer said her job as a singing instructor gives her a sense of purpose when she sees others around her be so active in their community. 

“I wanted this job because I just needed something to lift me up and bring me joy,” Iyer said. “I  also love singing, so I guess it is a win-win.”

DEVELOPING NECESSARY SKILLS: Walch builds her communication skills by attending to an order over the phone, at the bakery she works at, Sugar Butter Flour. (Photo courtesy of Harshitha Vijayakumar)

Iyer said she has an incredible feeling of accomplishment once realizing the impact she has made on someone’s life while on the job. 

“[Teaching the kids] is one of my favorite parts,” Iyer said. “After the session, [the kids] are [singing] so well, and I’ll know it’s all because of me.” 

Like Iyer, Hebrew tutor Liana Johnson, a sophomore, said the kids she teaches leave a positive impression that she will never forget. 

“My favorite part is when a kid is showing a lot of improvement, and then I know that I did that; I taught her that,” Johnson said

With all of the extracurriculars in a student’s life, Iyer said she organizes with a planner to delegate which things she should prioritize in her day. Similarly, sophomore Thea Gomard said she made sure her work hours do not interfere with her academics.

“[I work] just enough that I still make a good amount, but not enough that it overworks me and that I can’t focus on my academics, which is always number one priority,” Gomard said.

Gomard’s sister, Ingrid Gomard, a freshman, said her sister had become more of a role model and assertive in the household after having a job.

“[Thea] has shown a lot more leadership values and has taken more initiative considering chores such as caring for the dog and whatnot,” Ingrid said.

Overall, Iyer conveys her love for her job and would encourage other students to get jobs as well in order to improve their life skills. On top of the financial freedom provided with the job, the interactions are what keep her going. 

I will definitely be continuing this job in the future,” Johnson said. “I enjoy it, and I am proud of myself for being a working student.”