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Navigating the roads

Students share what driving means to them

Getting a driver’s license is a pivotal milestone in a high schooler’s life. A driver’s license represents independence, but also a greater responsibility, junior Ingrid Gomard said.

“Driving gives me a lot of freedom that I didn’t have prior to getting my license,” Gomard said. “I feel like I have much more [mobility.]”

Junior Libby Frey said she enjoys listening to music while driving because it is a good way to lift her spirits. (Photo by Anushruti Nagarajan)

Junior Libby Frey said obtaining a driver’s license helped her manage her time more efficiently. Juggling school, extracurriculars and social life is much easier as she no longer has to rely on someone else to take her places, Frey said.  

Frey said she looked forward to listening to music while driving places when she got her license. 

“The first few weeks [I got my license,] I sat in my car and listened to the same two songs play over and over again on the radio: Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo and Dance from the Barbie movie,” Frey said. “Now, I know all the words to both songs. I can pretty much sing them in my sleep.” 

While some high schoolers are keen on getting their licenses, others are not as concerned about it. Senior Elisa Floyd said she plans to never get a license as she feels driving perpetuates the issue of climate change. 

“I use a lot of public transportation such as the Caltrain or the bus, as well as other modes of sustainable transportation like biking, walking and carpooling,” Floyd said. “For me personally, I’d like to move to a place with better public transportation such as Asia, Europe or bigger cities such as New York and San Francisco because of their connectivity.” 

Although relying on carpooling or public transportation can be an inconvenience, Floyd said she has been able to manage throughout high school. Floyd promised herself in fourth grade that she would not get a driver’s license or drive, she said. 

“If we all continue to learn to drive, there will always be a need for it, and that means we will never change anything,” Floyd said. “I’m in my last year of high school, and so far, I’ve been able to locate public transportation wherever I go.”

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