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FUHSD proposes tax renewal initiative Measure M

FUHSD proposes tax renewal initiative Measure M

By Ritaja Subrahmanya

October 29, 2020

Measure M, proposed by the Fremont Union School District, asks voters in Santa Clara County to renew its existing parcel tax to provide more funding for its schools, Superintendent Polly Bove said in a Zoom interview.  Parcel taxes are taxes on property where all property owners pay a set amount of m...

‘You can’t keep everyone else warm by setting yourself on fire’

History teacher Andrea Yee plays with her kids in the extra time given by distance learning.

By Karuna Chandran, Xochitl Neely, Ritaja Subrahmanya, and Sahil Venkatesan

October 5, 2020

With the sudden and dramatic shift from in-person to remote learning, teachers have risen to the challenge and quickly adapted to online learning. However, issues arise for teachers who are also parents, as they have to simultaneously serve as both educators of their students and caretakers of their childre...

Teachers rise with creativity in the face of adversity

School looks very different from what it used to be six months ago, as online learning brings its own set of challenges.

By Karuna Chandran, Xochitl Neely, Ritaja Subrahmanya, and Sahil Venkatesan

October 4, 2020

The pandemic has changed the way education works, moving the focus from in-person instruction to online learning. Because of this, teachers have needed to do plenty of restructuring, both in terms of curriculum and finding new ways to interact with their students.  Online learning, for example, has forced mus...

Casual connections missing with remote learning

Junior Shelby Riemenschnitter delivers donuts to her friends to maintain an in-person personal connection with them.

By Ashley Orozco and Leila Salam

October 2, 2020

From WiFi issues to Zoom crashes, remote learning has been quite the struggle this year. But one difficulty in particular for students, like junior Shelby Riemenschnitter, has been the lack of day to day interactions with people outside their homes. “[One of the hardest things] is not being able to physically s...

Creating connections during remote learning

Creating connections during remote learning

By Amber Birrell, Riley Dalton, and Christine Kim

October 1, 2020

Advisory is a new addition to everyone's schedule during remote learning. It is a time for students to connect with their teachers and peers to form a deeper relationship beyond faces on a screen. This is accomplished through icebreakers and discussions surrounding important issues, principal Greg Giglio s...

Teachers look for alternatives to traditional finals

Teachers are looking for alternatives to traditional tests as a way to measure students' mastery of course material now that courses have changed to credit/no credit.

By Karen Li

April 26, 2020

With classes moved online for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19 and letter grades changed to credit/no credit, teachers are figuring out how to restructure their classes to adequately measure students’ proficiency in the course material.  Typically, teachers use tests and final...