HHS interactive map offers virtual tour of campus

map allows new staff, students to explore campus from afar

The first week of school is usually filled with a flurry of students getting to know their teachers and each other, all while trying to figure out where everything is located on campus. With school starting virtually this year, freshman and new staff members don’t even have the opportunity to get lost looking for the closest bathroom or making their way to the cafeteria.

The Epitaph created this virtual map to help you – all students and staff – get to know the campus a little bit better. With the new GSS building now in full swing and new construction already underway on the A Building, navigating campus is more confusing than ever.

Explore our campus virtually with this interactive map, which features photos, interviews with teachers, administrators and office staff, and descriptions of commonly visited places around campus.

Pro tip: clicking on the photos will expand them!

Descriptions and photos by Miya Liu, Sahil Venkatesan and Allen Zhang

Map created by Miya Liu

Thanks to the staff for your time and submissions! Staff, click here to have your name and photo added to the map.