Q&A with principal Giglio: Reopening

Questions are students submissions

By Sahil Venkatesan

Q: Can we pick and choose which classes to attend in person?

A: “There’s no update on that one; that one’s still being debated,” Giglio said. “Although if I had to lay money, I would say that’s not going to happen; however, nothing is definite and no decision has been made.”

How will attendance work? If we choose in person but show up on Zoom, is that an absence?

Giglio said that the district is still waiting for clarification from the state about this topic, as the district needs to know how the state wants hybrid schools to mark attendance in a number of different situations. For example, a student who simply decides that they don’t want to do in-person learning that day might be treated differently than another student who was sick and needed to stay home. 

What is the protocol for when someone at school tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student comes to school and starts to show symptoms, their teacher will notify Mr. Dong and the student will be taken to an isolation room and wait for a parent to pick them up. Gilgio said the school will then figure out who the student interacted with and will ask the student to get tested. If the student tests positive for COVID-19, then the school will notify other students who were in contact with the student who tested positive. Those students will be instructed to get tested and they may need to quarantine for a certain amount of time. 

Will finals be online? Will tests be the same for people in person vs online?

Giglio said finals will also be done through a hybrid format, but the format of each exam will ultimately be decided by each specific teacher.

What will happen if I change my mind? When can we switch?

Giglio said he believes and hopes there will be a certain degrees of flexibility for students to switch from in-person to online learning.  For example, students who may have mental health issues or other individual circumstances will hopefully be able to transfer back to online learning; however, transitioning from online to in-person will be more difficult then going back online after hybrid learning has started. Gilgio said students will most likely not be able to switch back and forth between in-person and online learning multiple times after hybrid learning has started.

Will sports happening now count for credit?

Giglio said if athletes start and finish the season, they will get credit.  If an athlete’s sport is unable to play right now, but conditioning is occurring and verified by the coach, PE credit will also be given. 

Will the library be open?

Giglio said that the decision is still being made, but that he assumes the library will be open again. Students will need a place to go for open periods and teachers may want students to use the library for research or an activity. 

There needs to be six feet of distance between everybody in the library, and the logistics still need to be worked out. 

Responses based on an interview on March 18, 2021.