New changes to homecoming

Moving the dance actually helps most people


Photo by Eva Chiu

Many students attend the dance with the date change and new attire

By Erin Liu, Reporter

Many students have wondered why the Homecoming Dance took place a week before the game. It could not be on a Saturday due to administration issues, so if moved, it needed to be on a different Friday.

Leadership students said ASB decided to implement some changes to Homecoming that would make it more convenient for everyone, including HHS administration and the student body.

In previous years, the dance was always on the Friday ending Homecoming week – the same day as the rally, parade and football game. With all these events packed one after another, it was a hectic day. The dance would usually start before the varsity football game ended, making it difficult for those who wanted to attend both the dance and the entire game.

From personal experience attending the Homecoming dance in the past, few people showed up because most people wanted to finish watching the game. By the time the game was over, students were too tired to attend the dance, resulting in a low attendance. Those who showed up were in clothes they had been wearing since the beginning of the school day, which is unusual to wear to a dance.

With these issues in mind, ASB decided to change the time of the Homecoming dance. In doing so, it also added a unique change to the general attire of the dance. The dance is now semi-formal and takes place on the Friday before Homecoming, acting as a kick off to the most spirited week of the year.

After implementing these changes, everyone is now able to attend both the game and the dance without feeling rushed. People have time to prepare for the dance and can attend the entire event without having to worry about the results of the football game. Students who attend the football game can peacefully watch the whole thing without thinking about rushing to the dance.  Football players, dancers, cheerleaders and marching band students can also have a chance to enjoy the dance. In general, semi-formal attire seems to attract more people since it feels more put together. The dance is traditionally semi-formal at every other FUHSD school as well.

ASB officers said these changes resulted in a great increase in ticket sales, with around 500 attendees compared to the 250 attendees last year. Life in Focus (LIF) also had an enormous increase in the amount of photos taken, with around 250 photos taken compared to the 60 photos last year, LIF officers said.

Although these changes might seem quite odd in the first place, they are actually more effective and beneficial to most of the student body.