Bring back indoor rallies

Outdoor rallies inferior, fail to ensure safety

By Seoyoung Hwang and Mae Richardson

ASB must bring back indoor rallies for the remainder of the school year as they are more lively and dynamic than outdoor rallies. Indoor rallies will increase school spirit and student engagement overall.

Rallies aim to engage with the student body, bolster school spirit and hype up the large audience. However, during the outdoor rallies this year, the level of engagement has been lacking due to difficulties hearing the music and the speakers as well as being able to see the performances or games happening on the field. 

The poor weather conditions are another major drawback of outdoor rallies. During the first two rallies, the weather has peaked at over 80 degrees, causing both the performers in costumes and audience members to suffer from the heat. However, indoor rallies ensure the students do not have to be concerned about poor weather, such as high temperatures or rainy conditions during the rally.

The biggest concern about hosting indoor rallies would be ensuring student safety and adherence to COVID-19 protocols. California does require indoor events of 1,000 people or more to prove they are fully vaccinated or have received a negative COVID-19 test, according to the California state government. If the rallies are held indoors, the only thing that the school needs to do is collect vaccination proof from students and proof of negative test results for those who are not vaccinated. Rallies are a privilege, not a right. If people are not vaccinated or willing to adhere to basic safety protocols such as taking a test, they forfeit this privilege. With required vaccination or proof of a negative test, we can ensure everyone attending the rally is safe. 

Furthermore, students are allowed to eat lunch indoors while having their masks off, which creates far more exposure to COVID-19 than having indoor rallies. During indoor rallies, students would wear masks and would try to maintain social distancing protocol by staying a certain distance away from each other, something teachers and administrators could enforce as they see fit. However, during lunch, social distancing is often lacking in very crowded spaces and most students are unmasked since they are eating.  

Indoor rallies are critical for better rally experience, for performers and audience members alike. Ultimately, HHS should end outdoor rallies and utilize more effective methods to ensure student safety. 

Bad weather can severely impact the energy during outdoor rallies. ( Illustration by Seoyoung Hwang)