Whose skin are you wearing?

No animal’s life is worth a new wallet. As an advocate for the proper treatment of animals over a material item, I find it’s necessary to avoid some luxury brands. Popular brands, like Fendi, Dior and Louis Vuitton, should be avoided due to their continuous use of animal fur, according to The Guardian.

Animal activists are against the use of animals for fashion for humane reasons, yet, others see this act as a service. Being treated horribly is not a service but an unnecessary sacrifice.

A notorious root of inhumane animal treatment is fast fashion. However, this treatment cannot only be blamed on the process of animal cruelty but must also be on luxury brands, who cause just as much, if not more, damage, according to National Geographic. A wide range of top designer brands incorporate animal fur and leather to produce expensive products. The practice should be stopped as it is killing animals.

ANIMALS DESERVE BETTER: There are many alternatives to the use of animals in the fashion industry. (Photo courtesy of The Guardian )

Behind the majority of these products come torture and pain to these innocent animals. Fur farms contain little to no space for animals to move freely within their filthy cages. Along with poor living conditions, animals are prone to suffering numerous health dangers including disease and hunger, according to PETA. Although these animals are what keep businesses thriving, they are not being treated with high-quality care. The treatment of animals is not improving under these selfish companies, and change must be put into place. 

Luxury brands care too much about the quality of their products that they set aside the lives of animals. The fur industry uses various slaughter methods that require extreme suffering of the animals, in order to keep the material intact, according to PETA. It is unnecessary to put animals through any type of pain, let alone to kill them only to take away something they possess.

Supporting these luxury brands will only continue cruelty towards these animals. In the future, I will, as should many others, consider alternatives that do not harm animals, such as faux fur when shopping for clothing. Switching to this eco-friendly option has the ability to protect millions of animals from harm. We have the power to save these creatures by simply doing our part in reconsidering where we buy our clothing from.