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Students, staff step into new year with mental health as a priority

At the start of every new year, people often take the opportunity to create resolutions they will commit to. These resolutions work differently for everyone, but are an important commitment, school-based therapist Sarah Loyd said.

School-based therapist Sarah Loyd said she recommends that anyone hoping to focus on their mental health this year give themselves positive affirmations every day. (Photo by Mikha Pilar)

Resolutions have to be measurable, Loyd added, because when resolutions are made too unattainable, they can set the person up for failure. 

Loyd said she recommends habit stacking for students who want to keep up with their resolutions, wherein new habits are attached to old ones to ensure consistency. Committing to giving themselves positive affirmations while doing established habits is a good way to start for students who want to prioritize their mental health and wellness, Loyd added. 

Mental wellness space president Aditi Jayanth said she hopes the club can reach and support more students in the upcoming year. 

“The mental wellness space is a community at school where we host events to try and destigmatize mental illness and provide a safe space for teenagers who are stressed out or need a community to support them during school,” Jayanth, a senior, said. “Our club wants to expand its presence on campus and find more students who want to open up about their mental well-being.”

As high school can be stressful, Jayanth said she recommends that students talk to their teachers, peers or trusted adults, and prioritize their sleep because it sets the foundation for one’s mental well-being. 

As for her resolutions, Jayanth said she hopes to enjoy her final semester of high school by taking time for herself.

“I feel like I finally have time to focus on myself, and since our club tries to promote that for others, I would like to set an example by doing it myself,” Jayanth said. 

Similarly, senior Nha-An Nguyen said it has been nice to focus solely on school and her own goals after finishing college applications. 

“I’ve also been trying to work out more and eat healthier, drink more water, stop procrastinating and spend less time on social media because that stresses me out,” Nguyen said. “I’m scrolling, and [it’s] addicting. That means a lot of my time is wasted and [when] I realize that a bunch of my time has gone I get anxious or overwhelmed.”

Even though making resolutions can be daunting, Loyd said they can be achieved by being mindful and present in the moment.

“Every small step is a win, celebrate those wins,” Loyd said. “Eventually, you will get to your goal and sometimes you have to adjust that goal along the way. And that’s okay to do.”

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