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Taking a break from activities is necessary to improve mental health because it allows time for rest and relaxation, reduces stress levels and allows for a clearer mind.

Rethink the grind

By Naaga Senthil April 28, 2024

It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of activities, assignments and assessments. We as students constantly strive to check off tasks on our never-ending to-do lists. However, it is crucial to pause...

School-based therapist Sarah Loyd said she recommends that anyone hoping to focus on their mental health this year give themselves positive affirmations every day.

Students, staff step into new year with mental health as a priority

By Mikha Pilar and Annabelle Yip February 2, 2024

At the start of every new year, people often take the opportunity to create resolutions they will commit to. These resolutions work differently for everyone, but are an important commitment, school-based...

Leisure can come in many different forms, from school clubs to outside hobbies, which can all help improve mental and physical health.

Leisure is not a waste

By Maya Dutt December 5, 2023

Life can feel like an endless race to get ahead. Getting into a good college, getting a good job and having a successful life are often the priorities we set for ourselves. During this race, however, we...

Meditation is a useful and accessible coping mechanism, Loyd said.

Meditation: more than just breathing

By Faith Watters April 12, 2023

After an awful day at school, the only thing I could focus on was the pounding sensation in my head — traffic made me five minutes late to first period, the math test I thought I aced came back with...

FUHSD emphasizes teacher retention practices amidst statewide teacher shortage

FUHSD emphasizes teacher retention practices amidst statewide teacher shortage

With the increase of living costs in the Bay Area and stressful school environments, FUHSD has implemented measures to support teachers both economically and mentally. FUHSD’s focus on teacher retention...

LESSONS FROM GOLF: Guidi said playing golf has taught him to be patient with himself.

From self-taught to team member: varsity golf player shares his perspective

By Erin Loh and Madhavi Karthik May 21, 2022

Before becoming a member of the varsity boys golf team, junior Nick Guidi said he learned golf through less conventional methods: instead of attending private lessons and learning from coaches, Guidi said...

Therapy and other mental health care options should be seen as preventative measures, rather than options when a worsening mental health gets uncontrollable.

POV: the blurred line between being a hypocrite and being authentic

By Shreya Partha December 27, 2021

When I tell people  I am an advocate for mental health and spread the message of seeking help through various organizations, the reaction I receive has been pretty similar — their eyes widen a fraction,...

 I feel obligated to read the news at all times, but too much of the news can be a bad thing and cause mental exhaustion.

Off the Record: Finding a balance in an unbalanced world

By Shreya Partha December 9, 2021

I often feel as though the world is in constant mourning. On one side, I see people mourning the copious global issues around us and on the other, those who mourn the inaction and helplessness they feel...

MHAC Officer Team Pic

Creating a safe space

By Anushruti Nagarajan and Ariana Tejeda Moreno November 8, 2021

The mental health awareness club gives students the space to safely talk about mental health. One of the main missions of MHAC is to destigmatize talking about mental health issues, club officers sophomore...

THE FINER DETAILS: Viewers watch shows and strive to change themselves to fit into societal norms.

Reality TV is wreaking havoc on minors

By Harshitha Vijayakumar October 31, 2021

I’ve recently noticed reality TV has progressed into more than just a fun way to pass the time. It seems as though it now perpetuates an internalized perfectionism that can promote harmful mindsets.  There...

MENTAL HEALTH CARE: In the U.S., more funding for mental health care should be given to make it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Off the Record: mental health care remains inaccessible, unaffordable

By Shreya Partha October 21, 2021

In our increasingly competitive world, job opportunities are prioritized over lifelong experiences, business partnerships trump friendship and the desire for success overpowers happiness — at least that’s...

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