The Winter Lodge continues holiday spirit

Skating rink creates authentic winter atmosphere


Photo by Tara Sohal

The decorated outdoor rink is the larger of the Winter Lodge’s two skating rinks, and is where events are held throughout the season.

By Tara Sohal

Living in the Cupertino area, you’re probably aware of the lack of snow. Accordingly, snow-based activities like skiing or snowboarding aren’t generally an option without having to drive somewhere four hours away.

The Winter Lodge, an ice skating rink in Palo Alto that offers open skate sessions from late September to the middle of April, is the perfect remedy to this situation.

As you take your first steps into the lodge, you’re almost immediately welcomed with feelings of coziness. The fireplace inside radiates heat and the ring of people’s laughs already on the ice fills the air.

Paying the admission fee of $10 and an additional $4 for skate rentals is a smooth and easy process. The employees allow you to take your time when finding your skate size.

The Winter Lodge has an outdoor rink as well as an indoor one, preventing crowds and potential injuries with the large amount of space available.

The environment within the outdoor rink is unquestionably beautiful. Lights are hung above the rink as people skate and a corner holds a mural of tall green pine trees.

Additionally, the rink includes a long bench stretching across the back. This is a helpful feature to struggling skaters, and gives people the opportunity to take a break without leaving the ice completely.

However, the inside rink is much simpler. It bears a significant resemblance to Ice Center Cupertino below Vallco Mall.

From Taylor Swift to Fall Out Boy to Ed Sheeran, the atmosphere of the lodge is completed with their variety of music playing around the rink.

With winter break starting on Monday, Feb. 15, the Winter Lodge is the perfect location to go with a date, friends or even your family for a memorable ice skating experience.