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Top six apps you need to succeed in school

By Yunqi Deng

1. Self Control for Study- This smartphone is designed to help reduce the temptation of using certain apps while studying.For a set amount of time, it bans previously selected apps from being used. However, basic phone functions such as calling and texting are still available. It is available on Android, Mac computers and it’s free.application.


2. PhotoMath- PhotoMath takes a picture of a math problem and produces the answer, including the steps. This app can be used to check your answers after a difficult problem or to see a different way of solving it.


3. Wabbitemu- No graphing calculator? No problem. This application is the exactly the same as any TI-84 editions. It replaces the $150 calculator required by teachers.


4. Microsoft Office Mobile- Google Drive is not the same as Microsoft Office: there are many limitations to the format of Drive. The Microsoft Office Mobile app isn’t as powerful as the computer program, but it’s FREE!


5. Duolingo- Struggling to learn those vocabulary words for Spanish, French or Chinese class? This app’s simple design uses visual aids and flashcards to help students learn words easily.


6. Lumosity- This app is designed to challenge your attention and memory to help train your brain for improve mental cognitivity. This educationally fun game can help students learn to think outside of the box.