Kicking off Multi-Cultural Week

Students embrace cultural heritage and IndoPak Performs


Photo by Seerat Randhawa

Indopak performers struck a pose for their finale.

Multicultural Week kicked off today as students embraced their cultural heritage by participating in the week-long activity, “Where are you from”, by placing post-it notes on a map to indicate their country of origin during brunch and lunch.

Meanwhile, the Film dance team, a subsection of IndoPak, performed a bollywood dance during lunch in the quad.

“We have weekly practices and also practiced this routine 2-3 times yesterday. I think we were really coordinated and everyone was having a really good time, which is one of the most important things about performing,” senior Koodrut Panesar, one of the captains of the Film team, said.

Check back tomorrow for an update on pictures and a new summary article on what happens during the day.