Club N’ Grub shares plates from around the world

Feasting on campus


Photo by Nicole Nobre

Music teacher John Burn conducts student orchestra and band performance.

By Nicole Nobre and Erin Liu

Day four of Multi-Cultural Week began with a performance from band and orchestra students during brunch on the stage in the quad. The students played Danzón No. 2 by composer Arturo Márquez.

At lunch, clubs set up throughout the quad to sell food in the second Club N’ Grub of the year in the hopes of raising more funds. Clubs such as Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS), Korean Student Association (KSA), and Latino Student Union (LSU) provided plates specific to the cultures they represent.

JNHS sold Japanese soda, KSA sold kimbap, and LSU sold Jarritos soda.

Other clubs sold a variety of different snacks and drinks that were available for ticket purchase. Quiz Bowl for example sold donuts, while Women’s Empowerment Ambassadors sold egg rolls.

Check back tomorrow for the last update of the week with pictures and a new summary article on a recap of what happened during the day.