IDC Representatives host district-wide Glow-Up Dance

Students from across the FUHSD attend dance at Monta Vista


The dance pulled in 375 students from around the district and was held in the MVHS Rally Court. Photo courtesy of Monta Vista Photo Club.

The Glow-Up dance took place on May 5 and marked the last IDC event of the school year.

“IDC has had district dances for years. About 10 years ago they were really big, about 1000 people in attendance,” IDC President Johnny Kobori said. “Then the district stopped them since they got a bad reputation for people coming high or drunk. I wanted to bring it back, just in the right way. I believe a big part of high school is getting exposure, especially to different people.”

There are five IDC Exchanges, one IDC rally, and one dance held every year. The district-wide dance was hosted at Monta Vista and open only to FUHSD students.

This year, the dance featured several refreshments including cotton candy and popcorn, games such as air hockey, and a photo booth hosted by Monta Vista High School’s Photo Club.

“Our intentions were such that we wanted the dance to be as “hip” and “glowy” as we could possible make it,” FUHSD Board Representative Cyrus Miremadi said. “Decorations were chosen and added accordingly to emulate a more exciting version of previous years’ IDC dances.”

Musical entertainment for the dance was provided by SOS Entertainment, a prominent SoCal company that provides their services along the California coast. Reviews from attendants were almost entirely positive.

“IDC is the district’s exclusive medium for providing regular opportunities to interact with other schools’ students and engage in intra-district activities,” Miremadi said. “That being said, the dance is recommended for anyone who wishes to have an extremely fun Friday evening.”

In total, the dance attracted 375 people and reaped in a net profit of $1000.

“We were able to put on a great event for students around the district while having fun despite AP testing and all of the other stresses from school,” Kobori said. “As a member of student government that’s all you can really hope for, improving student life.”