The 1000 Degrees Pizzeria is flaming with potential

New restaurant offers personal pizzas, enthusiastic service and job opportunities


Photo by Tara Sohal

By Tara Sohal

IIn the past year, popular locations such as Chipotle and Starbucks have been suddenly appearing in the Homestead Cupertino Square Shopping Center.

A new restaurant was added to the list as the 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria opened on April 28, giving out free six inch pizzas to everyone.

The restaurant compares to places such as Pieology in allowing customers to build their own pizzas, as well as offering other pre-built signature pizzas. Both options can conveniently come in either regular or gluten free crust in a 10 or 14 inch size.

Despite their tasty and fast-cooking food, the new pizzeria’s atmosphere does come into question. When I visited the restaurant, it was completely empty. I was legitimately the only customer inside. Yet, walking back to the car, I peeked a look into the Chipotle next door only to find that they had a decently long line.

Additionally, the restaurant does not have the most alluring environment. With color schemes of bright red and orange painted on the walls, it doesn’t look like the most comfortable place to sit down and eat.

However the overall service of the pizzeria was increasingly impressive with polite employees asking how my day has been and serving with a smile.

Even though the 1000 Degrees Pizzeria won’t be getting daily lunch visits from students any time soon due to the end of the school year, they are looking to hire them. They have continuously been promoting through social media and other signs that they have plenty of summer jobs for teens available.