Jewish Student Union responds to social media incident

The religious club shares how they were affected by recent threats

By Skylar Cunniff

Multiple students in Jewish Student Union (JSU) were scared by these online threats in the past few weeks.  Principal Giglio attended a JSU meeting on September 8th to console targeted students and ensure that members feel safe on campus.  

Senior JSU president Ron Broner said that before to the threats, members had never received any hate for attending meetings.

“Many [students] were very fearful. They were afraid to look behind their back. Were scared to come to school,” Broner said.

The club officers and principal Giglio have taken an active role in reassuring members of their safety on campus.

Broner, Giglio, and local Rabbi Avraham Maimon have led meetings where students could share how they were affected and be reassured of their safety, Broner said.  Giglio told the students at the meeting that administration would keep their safety a top priority.

“Regardless of religion, race, gender, whatever, they put their students security first,” Broner said.  He explained how Administration would cancel school immediately if there was any chance that there would be actually shootings.

Amit Klein, a sophomore member of JSU, said he believed the police handled the situation fine, but was not satisfied with the email and intercom announcements sent out by HHS and FUHSD administration.  

What most upset me is how anti-Semitism wasn’t mentioned once in the announcements… that Homestead sent out, while at Fremont anti-Semitism was mentioned,” Klein said.  

The last email did not address anti-Semitism directly, but did address bullying through racial, gender, and sexuality discrimination in the district.

Although some posts targeted Muslims, no members of Muslim Student Association were directly affected by the threats.

While the other religious clubs were unaffected, Jewish Student Union is just getting over the event Broner said.

“We have lots of tension in the Jewish Community,” Broner said.

Broner believes one of the ways to strengthen the Jewish community on campus would be having more students from other backgrounds join the club.

“We aren’t just Jews. We aren’t just Israelis. We are not just boys, just girls. We are everyone coming together,” Broner said.