Updates on second day of Homecoming

Seniors win brunch cheer-off; juniors, sophomores, and freshmen win lunch games

Photo by Mark Lu
Seniors win Tuesday brunch cheer-off


eniors retained their winning streak in the Homecoming brunch cheer-offs today, with the sophomores replacing the juniors in second place.

For the second day of Homecoming, students came decked out in patterns to rack up points for their class.

While the freshman stayed in fourth place for the cheer-off today, they broke tradition by winning the first lunchtime activity of Musical Chairs.

The sophomores came in close second, with the seniors and juniors behind them, respectively. Freshman Lior Kishinevsky won the game for his class to “Stronger” by Kanye West. “[I feel] good … [I think we’ll] probably lose [Homecoming] since we’re freshmen, but we’ll give it our best shot,” Kishinevsky said.

Tuesday’s second lunchtime activity, Limbo, ended in a tie between the juniors and sophomores, with seniors closely behind and freshmen in last place.

Senior Juliette Wong participated in the Limbo with the skills of an advanced gymnast in hopes of winning points for her class. “It was really fun. I did it last year, too. I also lost last year, but it was worth trying again,” Wong said.

Junior Rintaro Fukuda showed HHS his skills by tying for first place in Limbo for his class. “The beginning was easy, but when the plank went down, it [got] really hard. I did ballet two years ago, so my body is [flexible enough],” Fukuda said.

Fukuda’s tie, sophomore Andrea Boyn, participated as well to win points for her class.  “It feels good representing my class [and] getting those points,” Boyn said. “We can give [Homecoming] to the seniors as tradition, but I think [the] sophomores are gonna give them a run for their money.”