Letter to the Editor: Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

At this time, I would like to congratulate you on your win. You have indeed overcome a long journey and some may say, miraculously, come out with a win. As a true American, I would like to welcome you into the highest position of our government with open arms.

As our leader, we will show you respect and do nothing to steal your rights outlined by our founding fathers. With utmost respect, I have made vows that I will follow to show my true red, white, and blue blood.

I promise not to build a wall to block you out of your rightful place. I promise not to judge you based on your race, gender, or sexual preference. I promise not to make statements that will undermine the progress that our country has made in its history. I promise not to make decisions for the treatment of your body when it’s not mine. I promise not to give you value just for your physical form. Lastly, I promise to treat you the way I want to be treated as we are told from a tender age.

President Donald Trump. Thank you for winning. Without you, our morals and values would have been left to develop in unruly ways. Now, you have become our moral compass that will point us in the direction our country and the citizens will take today, and for generations to come. We now have a role model that we can look up to and say, “That is what I am not going to turn out to be like.” Thank you and let’s make keep America great again.

A female, ethnic American with immigrant parents