Letter to the Editor: Girls bathroom needs fixing

Restroom usage is becoming an increasingly prevalent topic in the media. However, the actual condition of said bathrooms is less talked about. Amongst debates over who should use which bathroom, we must also make sure that the bathrooms in question are at their best. On that note, a stall in the upper B-building girls’ bathroom has gone without a lock for the past year now. Given the proper tools and materials, it would take less than 2 minutes to bolt on a new lock, so it is unacceptable that the closest thing to a lock this stall has seen in the past year was a hair tie that got looped around the metal frame.

Prior to the appearance of this hair tie, which provides a small sense of security, girls had to either put their backpack on the ground outside of the stall, have a friend hold the door, or drape some toilet paper over the top of the door. However, these methods are not foolproof as I have personally had distracted people try to push the door open even though I had raised the signal toilet paper. Additionally, some girls have simply refused to use this stall, which further contributes to the bathroom traffic during a time when we are all rushed as it is.

In sum, safety in bathrooms is already a growing concern, and the state of the bathrooms themselves should not contribute to that worry. No one should feel the panic of knowing they could be exposed at any moment, while simply trying to take care of their business. This issue affects a large portion of the student body and the administration’s attention must be brought to it, considering that there is such a cheap and quick fix.