The Garlick Press: Politics and Puerto Rico

The biggest natural disaster is always around the corner, and now it has hit Puerto Rico. In shambles, the territory is scrambling to get back on its feet after the 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

Where is our President in this time of need? Nowhere.

Hurricane Maria’s category 4 storm was reported to have winds racking up around 150 mph the morning of Oct. 3, according to Slate. It has left Puerto Rico in havoc after devastating the island.

The international anti-poverty nonprofit Oxfam has recently condemned the response of the U.S. in its involvement with the hurricane wreckage. Oxfam is promising to advocate with Puerto Rican political leaders, and is outraged at the “slow and inadequate response” the U.S. government has made in regards to the natural disaster.

Recovery in Puerto Rico is a trainwreck right now. Citizens have been lining up in the streets for just the fundamentals. Gas, water and The Puerto Rico National Guard have been working to clear the roads and deliver supplies to locals, according to Weather Nation.

What has our leader done for the distressed citizens on the island? Nothing.

President Trump claims Puerto Rico has “thrown our budget a little out of whack” due to the expenses the United States has already invested into the region, according to Politico.

The leader and face of our territory should be supporting our fellow Americans. Instead, the president instead hurled rolls of paper towels into the crowd.

When billions worth of damage are required to rebuild cities on the island, President Trump has not started a support foundation or sent federal money to help out with the relief force. Instead, he donated one of his golf trophies to the territory.

Trump also compared Puerto Rico’s disaster to Hurricane Katrina and deemed the whole storm inadequate. He also stated Puerto Rico should be “proud” of its death count. What sort of condescending statement is that?

The president has undermined the entire population by stating the storm’s wreckage has only killed 16 people. The final death count turned out to be 34, according to New York Daily News.

Instead of acknowledging the families who have lost loved ones, Trump instead declared how “proud” he is of the territory, only continuing to attempt to sustain the limelight of positivity the president believes he is gaining from his broadcasted visit.


The Garlick Press is a monthly column by Kira Garlick.