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Teacher feature: the classrooms

Staff explain meaning behind class decoration

By Era Goel

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Photo by Era Goel
“It started with the Pez collection, which [has] all the different presidents that are behind the action figures. Then I found one action figure in the election that John McCain and Obama were running against each other, so I got those action figures, and then there’s been like this Kickstarter campaign for all the other action figures. So now I have like a collection going on. And the Obama that is back there that’s made of clay; some student made it in their art class for me … I also started collecting the dinosaurs because of the ‘Tyrannosaurus Debt.’” -Christy Heaton
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About the Contributor
Era Goel, Senior Lifestyles Editor

Era is a senior at Homestead, and this is her second year on staff. When she isn't hiking with her dog or watching Netflix, she can be found reading, thrift-shopping,...

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