Honoring Pittsburgh and Kentucky

Leadership takes efforts to support victims of antisemitism and gun violence

Last Friday, Nov. 3, leadership took efforts to honor the victims of the Pittsburgh and Kentucky shootings.

The activities to support victims was suggested by a student participating in the middle college program who commented on a snapchat promotion for Halloween events, Senior Class President Valerie Hu said.

“…it just felt super weird that we were promoting Halloween activities and fun games [during the week] when there are much more serious issues…,” Hu said.

Throughout the day, a poster with the names of victims from both attacks was left in the quad for students to sign, and cards were available for messages.

“There were letters because a [local] Jewish youth group planned to have letters sent to the synagogue were the Pittsburgh shooting happened,” Hu said, “I’m going to give [the letters] to the youth group and they’re going to send [them to] the synagogue.”

Students were also able to wear blue and purple ribbons to show their support.

Additionally, on the morning announcements, senior Dan Cohen made a statement concerning the recent anti-semitic events.

In the statement, Cohen detailed his personal experiences moving from Israel to America. He expected the worse but found the Bay Area to be a welcoming and accepting of his Jewish identity.

In his conclusion, Cohen said he applauded HHS for being the “… living embodiment that prayers may be answered.”

Photo courtesy of Valerie Hu
Poster filled with messages to send condolences to victims.