Being Right: Democrats only like democracy and America when they win

The Democratic Party claims to be the party of democracy, fighting for the rights of all Americans regardless of race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. They champion the right to vote, and accuse Republicans of rigging elections through laws regarding voting. However, recent elections reveal how Democrats reject the American voters and electoral processes they claim to defend when they lose.

For example, at the end of the third Clinton-Trump debate, Trump was asked if he would accept the election results and he replied he would, if he won. His statement was criticized by Democrats as placing an unprecedented doubt upon the electoral process by any presidential candidate.

Their concerns about the threats against democracy all disappeared when Hillary Clinton lost. She blamed everyone excluding herself, including the FBI, Barack Obama, the Green Party and Russia. Despite criticizing Trump for doubting the electoral process, she hypocritically does it herself when claiming she had an unfair election.

Clinton wants to abolish the Electoral College, as she believes she is the rightful winner due to winning the popular vote. She uses the same line of reasoning Al Gore used after losing to George W. Bush in 2001, which is that a president-elect who loses the popular vote is illegitimate.

Changing the rules after losing a game in order to win is not only absurd, but is cheating. Complaining about the “unfair” election is hypocritical, as Clinton only mirrored Trump’s pre-election attitude.

Moreover, Democrats have proposed to abolish the Electoral College even after losing both the electoral and popular vote. The Bayh-Celler amendment of 1970 after the election of Richard Nixon was their last legislative attempt to do so.

Aside from the presidential election process, Democrats claim the midterm elections were rigged. Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who ran against Brian Kemp, refused to concede until weeks after the election.

She was defended by many prominent Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.

“If she had a fair election, she would have already won,” Clinton said.

Also, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed that Senator Bill Nelson’s loss in Florida was rigged and needed a recount. This led to to a statewide recount, in which Democrat Andrew Gillum walked back his concession to Republican Ron DeSantis in the governor race after it wasannounced.

After the winners of races are announced, it is tradition to concede and congratulate your opponent. In this case, various Democrats did not only refuse to concede, but did everything they could to try winning after the race was over from recounts to lawsuits.

Despite Democratic criticism for the nation’s elections, President Trump’s comments about voter fraud and rigged elections are ridiculous. His claims are bold, yet lack substantial evidence to support them. But if Democrats were consistent with their opposition to his comments, they would not mirror the same language that Trump and other Republicans have used in the past.

When Democrats are not blaming the system for electoral losses, they blame the voters. After losing the 2016 election, Clinton blamed voters in the “middle” of America on her loss, claiming they were “looking backwards.” She also blamed women, as they voted “the way that [their] husband, [their] boss, [their] son, whoever, believes [they] should.”

Blaming the electorate despite claiming to be the party of the people is hypocritical, and shows how their attempts to smear Republicans as hating voters are simply insults, if not accusing the other side of doing what they do best themselves.

Democrats are proud to be American only when they are in power. In 2013, 71 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of Democrats claimed to be extremely proud to be American, both majority. In 2018, the Republican favorability increased slightly to 74 percent while Democratic favorability fell to 32 percent.

When Democrats do not win elections and political battles, they believe it is the fault of the electoral systems and American voters. Due to their hypocrisy in championing the people and their right to vote, the Democratic Party is no longer the party of democracy.