High school is preparation for life

High schools are actually preparing their students for life afterwards

By Yukari E. Zapata

According to The 74, 46 percent of high schoolers think that what they are learning about is useful for life. That leaves 54 percent of high school students thinking that high school is not relevant to modern life. For many students, high school feels like a complete waste of time — claiming that the classes they are taking will never help them further down their lifeline.

There is a large number of high schoolers who think that high school isn’t important. But in all honesty, the world would be a complete disaster if it weren’t for the great education that is provided in high school.

School teaches us about math, in order to further understand the value of money and how our world revolves around it. Science — to get to know a little more about what’s happening in our bodies and how to prevent certain illnesses or diseases. These aspects are actually important and worth the time to learn due to its high concentration in further life education.

But many other things — such as being well versed in the history of the United States or the world, knowing how a cell divides or knowing how to find “X” — are not relevant.

If you want to pursue a career that revolves around those things, then go ahead and study them. And with history, if a student wants to become a historian, then knowing history is a requirement.

Even though we, as high school students, take regular required classes, we forget that many of the classes we have are ones that we choose to have. According to the HHS website, HHS requires us to take two years of a language and a fine or applied art. In honors and Advanced Placement classes, in particular, we have the ability to take full control of what we choose to take.

Receiving a high school diploma is, most of the time, required for a minimum wage job in California, college and career advisor Mary Lund said. Yet, there are so many more ways that a high school diploma can do to help you in the future. It could increase your chances in making a greater impact on the world in a way that your life is meant to be.

Many students might question the school leading system and the number of classes required to graduate. But in reality, it is not the school’s fault for implementing a fixed amount of classes. It is the state’s fault; they are the ones who decide the required classes to take in high school. The state chooses classes that they think will be beneficial for the jobs that are in California.

I completely understand why many high school students no longer want to attend high school. It is not easy to take many classes that stress you out. It can be hard to wake up early in the morning. But when you realize the terms of how much it can potentially help you, it makes it worthwhile.