BMUN tackles social and humanitarian issues


he Berkeley Model United Nations Conference is a large conference that consisted of hundreds of people, each making up different committees.  It took place from February 28 to March 3.


The three-day-long conference, looked into social and humanitarian issues and topics included the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and overpopulation, senior Mira Khosla, co-activities director of MUN, said.


Each delegation that attended from MUN consisted of two members, with the exception of the crisis committee, which had only had one member, Khosla said.


In order to prepare for the conference, each delegate had to submit a position paper, containing the position and solution taken by each member, on the particular issue.


“Our instructors and training directors do a really good job of helping the new members and experienced members refine these papers so that they’re well written, which allows the members to have a leg up, since they will be well researched on the topic before they go to the conference,” Khosla said.


Officers additionally prepare mock conferences and gauntlets so that members are well rehearsed before the actual conference.


“One thing that makes us successful at Homestead is that we have some preparation initiatives in place. For example, some of the officers planned a gauntlet, wherein members get to practice and say their positions and solutions … so that when you actually present to the committee, you know what you are talking about and are practiced,” Khosla said.


The conferences themselves help members in a variety of ways, allowing them to improve their current skill set along with building new skills.


“Every single time you got to a conference, you improve at public speaking, since you get to practice more often, and can really build up the skill,” Khosla said.


Along with public speaking, confidence and quick thinking are also built through a large amount of practice at conferences.


“Each conference you become better and better at asserting yourself,” Khosla said.


MUN’s next conference is South Bay Model United Nations.