Fashion update: 2015 fall trends


Feeling cute? Wear some leggings with an anorak and add a scarf as an accessory.

By Karla Agudelo

According to the teenage beauty magazine, Seventeen, 2015 fall trends include: cropped sweatshirts, statement tee, sweatshirt t-shirt, draped cardigans and rugged anoraks.

“I think about cozy knit sweater, leggings, scarves, boots,” junior Janette Santiago replied about what 2015 fall trends come to mind.

Whether they be paired together or separately, Santiago said they are must-haves for fall closets. Knit sweaters provide an extra layer as well as style and comfort.

Scarves remain a fall season trend as they provide warmth and comfort to help make one look great for the cold and rainy seasons ahead.

Hats, specifically brimmed hats, when paired with a comfortable over-sized cardigan are a cozy combination for the Fall season. As Fashioners magazine expresses in their April issue, “[hats] appear in a multitude of colors, medium sized brims used to keep the sun away and the cold at bay.”

Styles come and go but the struggle to find the right outfit that integrates both style and comfort always remains.

In any cold season, comfort is necessary, but style is still important to keep in mind.

“If it’s a lazy day it’s all about comfort,” Santiago said, “but honestly I think it’s about looking cute..”

For fall fashion, choose style over comfort, but nevertheless let the style express the personality within.