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By Nathan Gu, Brian Ling, and Jonathan Xue October 29, 2023

Principal Greg Giglio discusses repercussions of AI misuse in an HHS interview panel.

FUHSD implements new AI policies

By Nathan Gu, Parker Lin, Helen Tam, and Jonathan Xue September 8, 2023

As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced and accessible, FUHSD implements new policies for the 2023-2024 school year to prevent the misuse of AI, principal Greg Giglio said. Despite concerns, school...

“Making the tensegrity bench was hard,” AP physics C student, junior Michelle Kuan said. “We struggled on the precision and it also didn’t hold our teammate’s weight, which broke it.” (Photo courtesy of Nathan Jeon)

Students wrap up AP season with final projects

By Nathan Gu June 1, 2023

With AP tests ending on May 19, many AP science classes across campus are finishing off the rest of the year with a final project, junior Michelle Kuan said. These projects are meant to allow students...

FUHSD takes steps toward becoming greener as a district, superintendent Graham Clark said. (Photo from Stanley Kou)

FUHSD honored with state award for sustainability

By Parth Dhaulakhandi and Nathan Gu June 1, 2023

FUHSD received the silver Green Ribbon Schools award for energy efficiency on April 20. This award, superintendent Graham Clark said, has four levels, with green being the highest level. Clark said...

Samuel Fung works with students in his AP chemistry class on an experiment related to batteries.

Chasing passions: AP chemistry teacher researches lithium ion batteries

By Nathan Gu May 30, 2023

Walking into the lab, thumps of the mortar and pestle pounding battery paste fill the room. After putting the lithium-ion battery into the discharge machine, tiny red lights illuminate along a row, each...

Physics teacher Danny Nunez said he hopes that students will have as much of a fun experience as he does teaching.

Pursuing dreams: a life-changing realization

By Nathan Gu May 24, 2023

Starting his freshman year, physics teacher Danny Nunez walked into his physics classroom and witnessed a great sense of enthusiasm from his physics teacher, who wholeheartedly expressed his love for science...

Physics teacher Kathleen Shreve utilizes Plicker cards, scannable patterns with different orientations that represent different answer choices, to engage her students before class.

A personalized approach to learning

By Nathan Gu May 19, 2023

Teachers across campus incorporate numerous techniques to engage students for the duration of their class, such as in-class group activities, warm-up questions and quotes of the day. AP physics 1 and college...

 Senior Kaz Nakao studies AP chemistry to succeed on the AP test.

AP test prep in full swing: how students strive for success

By Nathan Gu May 17, 2023

The timer rings to mark the end of finals for AP chemistry students and the heavy thoughts of pushing through finals dissipate. Students are excited to enjoy the rest of Friday with friends, but looming...

Senior Aiden Leone said he beat his own record, which was set at CCS in Hollister. (Photo courtesy of Aiden Leone)

Senior varsity swimmer breaks school record

By Nathan Gu and Brian Ling May 17, 2023

Varsity swimmer Aiden Leone unintentionally broke the school record in the 100-yard freestyle event with a time of 46.35 seconds at CCS in Hollister, as a byproduct of the tremendous amount of time he...

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