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The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Homestead High School's student newspaper

The Epitaph

Students leave clubs for their lack of interest in the club.

Dwindling club attendance brings incentives to smaller clubs

By Nathan Gu December 23, 2022

As the bell rings to mark the beginning of lunch in September, students rush into numerous classrooms to explore some of the clubs they find interesting for the school year, packing the respective meeting...

After placing ninth at league championships, Gardner will advance to the state level

Cross country competes at CCS

By Nathan Gu, Erin Loh, and Evelyn Wang December 15, 2022

After a season of tireless perseverance, intense endurance training and countless loops around the track with teammates, 11 members of the cross country team competed at CCS league championships. Held...

The source material of “Chainsaw Man” seamlessly carries over to the anime

‘Chainsaw Man’ is fine as it is despite criticism

By Nathan Gu December 7, 2022

As the gritty music and raspy vocals of “Kick Back” by Kenshi Yonezu play in the background, characters from the anime adaptation of “Chainsaw Man” reenact scenes from numerous movies, an allusion...

Golf unites athletes and fosters improvement.

From newcomers to professionals

By Joss Broward, Nathan Gu, Brian Ling, and Lindsey Steel October 13, 2022

For those looking to try a new activity in high school, one sport gained the attention of several athletes: golf. While some sports require dedication from a young age, golf is welcoming toward newcomers...

With the return of the school year, technology remains constant in the classrooms.

Exploring modern approaches to learning

The sound of students typing away on their laptops. The low hum of the air conditioning in the background as students work diligently on their online assignments. These sounds drift throughout classrooms...

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