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Angus & Julia Stone create inspiring, comforting music with flawless vocals.

Underrated Artists: Angus & Julia Stone’s dreamy indie-folk music is worth a listen

By Saira Ahmed April 4, 2023

Brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone have their own independent music careers, but together, they create musical masterpieces. Since 2006, the duo has released five albums that all carry their signature...

FEATURES EXECUTED POORLY: Many of Spotify’s updates in the past couple of years have fallen flat.

A never-ending loop of songs

By Saira Ahmed April 24, 2022

Finding new music is something I look forward to every day. I love discovering new songs and artists I have never heard before and seeing what they have to offer. Before Spotify, YouTube’s personalized...

For Niki, the album tells a tale about her childhood and growing up, through the eyes of a childs imagination

‘Moonchild’ depicts tale of growing up

By Yukari E. Zapata November 4, 2020

Nicole Zenfanya, professionally known as Niki, is a 21-year-old Indonesian singer, songwriter and record producer. Niki released her third music album “Moonchild” on  Sept. 10. Although the album...

Demi Lovatos latest album is honest and transparent, easily connecting her personal experiences with those of her fans.

From ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ to ‘I Love Me’: Demi Lovato releases new anthem

By Andrea Sun March 9, 2020

When I was in fifth grade, my friend introduced me to “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato. At the time, it was a catchy song with extremely high notes that I blasted for fun. But as time went on, 10-year-old...

The album cover of Rachel Platten’s newly released album, “Wilfire”. 
Photo courtesy of

Platten on track to go platinum

By Tara Sohal February 5, 2016

With a fiery punch and energetic lyrics, breakout artist Rachel Platten’s third studio album, “Wildfire,” was released on New Year’s Day. After many attempts of trying to make it in the music...

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