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President Kaleb Kim discusses love of bicycling, plans to expand biking community.

Bicycle club goes off to new heights

By Gaby Cristancho March 25, 2022

Whether it is for enjoyment or for lessening pollution production, biking is a great sport. Not only can you bike by yourself but it is fun with friends as you are able to travel to a bunch of different...

Learning crepe techniques: Members took turns making their own crepes and topping them off with a variety of toppings.

French club’s sweet social

The sweet scent of crepes and the sound of laughter from members playing games in the room can mean only one thing — French club’s crepe making social has begun.  HHS French club in collaboration...

The photography club takes pictures of the sunset together at their first off campus meetup.

Frame the moment

By Seoyoung Hwang November 17, 2021

 In hopes to take a snapshot of a beautiful sunset together, the Life in Focus photography club had their first meet up in Rancho San Antonio on Oct. 17. The social event was an opportunity for the club...

MHAC Officer Team Pic

Creating a safe space

By Anushruti Nagarajan and Ariana Tejeda Moreno November 8, 2021

The mental health awareness club gives students the space to safely talk about mental health. One of the main missions of MHAC is to destigmatize talking about mental health issues, club officers sophomore...

The FBLA member journey

By Nina Vasquez Cruz September 30, 2021

As sophomore Kartik Joshi was gearing up to begin a new year at HHS, he heard about FBLA and the numerous growth opportunities the club offers. Joshi said he was excited to try out the club and improve...

The ping pong club was successfully founded by Alan Jian and Michael Xiong in 2019 to build upon their similar interest and bring attention to a lesser-known sport, ping pong club public relations officer Alan Jian said in a Zoom interview. 
	“I often play ping pong with my family,” Jian said. “I just have some fun and some time away from my screen just to be moving a little bit, especially during quarantine.”
	Jian said the ping pong club is not a well-known club at HHS since it was only created a year ago, and is still in the process of expanding to the student community.
	“I was one of the founders of this club,” senior Michael Xiong, vice president of the ping pong club said in a Zoom interview. “We actually started applying to this club in our sophomore year. The first time, we failed, and the second time we succeeded.” 
	Xiong also mentioned that although the strength of the club is the free play, quarantine has forced officers to focus more on media videos in relation to ping pong in order for more students to learn about the club.
“I [have] met several people who play ping pong,” Senior James Jian, the ping pong club president said in a Zoom interview. “Many of them actually play really well, and play competitively. I just feel like the school lacks some kind of ping pong culture and theres literally no space for people who play ping pong.”
	In order to assemble and for more people to experience what ping pong is about, James Jiang said he found that he and other officers, along with his friends, contacted teachers to be advisors for the club and then had to gather different equipment.
	Xiong said he was surprised when James Jian told him he was going to create the club.
 	“I know Monta Vista and a bunch of other schools nearby that all have this club,” Xiong said, “and apparently, were missing this, which I think is a really important cultural element.”
	Xiong also said there isn’t much that can be done during this period of the pandemic except to educate members of the club through online meetings. In the future however, there will be more in-person activities.
	“For many discussions I had with different kinds of people, they dont really think of ping pong as as an actual sport, [but] more as a party game,” James Jian said. “Not many people understand that if you learn it competitively, and you try to understand how professionals play, you soon find out that its much harder than many sports out there when it comes to physical abilities and reflexes.”
	James Jian said for right now, the club is recruiting junior officers, and for those who are interested, current officers will guide them before the official officer selection in order to train those who are enthusiastic and prepare them for the officer role.
	“Ping pong is not an extremely popular sport in America and around where we are now,” Alan Jian said. “However, if you were to foster a larger human community, such as some sort of inter-district league with all of the other schools … that would, increase the interest [and would] definitely gain the attention of more people and players.”

Creation of Ping Pong club: Ideas and progress

By Jack Xu September 28, 2021

The ping pong club was successfully founded by Alan Jian and Michael Xiong in 2019 to build upon their similar interest and bring attention to a lesser-known sport, ping pong club public relations officer...

 Virtual spring showcase: Krew practicing for a showcase that will premiere early in April.

KREW making up for lost time

By Ashley Orozco and Xochitl Neely April 21, 2021

KREW, a subgroup of the Korean Student Association club in which members learn K-pop dances and perform at rallies, will be participating in a spring virtual showcase with schools all around California,...

Model U.N. often plays games at meetings to practice speaking and debating skills.

Model UN attends Berkeley conference

By Allen Zhang March 18, 2021

Eight students from HHS’s Model United Nations team virtually attended a three-day-long Berkeley Model U.N. Conference. Taking place from Friday, Feb. 26 to Sunday, Feb. 28, the conference, hosted by...

JNHS is one of many clubs that hold fundraising and volunteering in our community.

A closer look into JNHS

By Yukari E. Zapata November 8, 2019

H omestead is one of many schools in our district known for its diversity. One of the ways this diversity is shown is through the many language classes one can take.  Aside from their individual...

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